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  •  Ah. (11+ / 0-)

    You've clarified something for me.

    the people  in this group have not tended to have young children at home. They're singles, pre-family and childfree couples, and empty nesters.
    Part of what's happening is simple life-cycle stuff.  Me and spousal unit are both bored silly with a community model that was, for us, centered around getting our kids raised well and feeding our souls at the same time.  That took, as they say, a village.  But two things happened at the same time . . . the kids got raised, and the village lost its soul when a few key people in leadership moved on.

    We're different people now, with different things to offer; we need new ways to contribute those things.

    Gah, I know this is a self-indulgent conversation.  I just didn't think I could be the only one this has happened to.  Thanks for your thoughts.

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