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  •  The color of a person's inegument is simply (0+ / 0-)

    not relevant as a signal of what's inside. Nor is the history of a people necessarily significant of how a particular person behaves. Not only is everybody different, but individuals are variable over time.
    As we get older, our variability seems to increase and time seems to get shorter.
    Individual difference and variability makes it really hard to predict what a person is going to do. So, we fall into the habit of lumping them into groups and expecting them to comply with a bundle of characteristics we've ascribed. Now, some individuals are instinct-driven and habit-prone and their behavior is actually pretty easy to predict because their primary modes are imitation and repetition. However, identifying them is sometimes hard because they do imitate whomever they interact with, including ourselves. When we see them face to face and they behave just like us, we think they are just like us, and so does everyone else with whom they interact. The truth is there is no there there and it is probably dangerous to let ourselves be flattered by their apparent similarity and affiliation. When they meet up with our enemies, if we have any, they'll act just like them and join forces against us.
    Does that mean such people are two-faced? Not really. They simply have no essence. Perhaps they are the hollow men of poetry.
    It's what's inside that counts, but that is hard to see, especially if all a person has to go on is superficial optics. How does that happen? I suspect it's the result of some disconnect or missing link in the brain. The instinct-driven aren't fully human because they can't reflect on and see themselves. They are not alert to themselves and, having no basis for comparison, have no sense of the other, as well. They are isolates, even though they look like and act like everyone else.
    If we elected them to represent us, we are making a mistake. They cannot represent us, because they do not know us or themselves.

    We organize governments to deliver services and prevent abuse.

    by hannah on Sun Jan 20, 2013 at 12:48:25 AM PST

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