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View Diary: Hate Comes to Arlington (126 comments)

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  •  They already do... (8+ / 0-)

    ... they picketed my dad's old synagogue in Kansas City on Yom Kippur one year.  The average age of the congregation must be 80.

    WBC picks an event to travel to, then googles-fu the surrounding area for "offending" religious institutions/activities that they can also picket.  Most either ignore them or (especially funerals) have sufficient countering attendance to block them from causing too much ruckus.

    Remember, their entire MO is to get someone to attempt to infringe on their "First Amendment Rights" so that they can sue.  

    The finest thing that happened the last two times they came to Boston, NECN called them "the hate group Westboro Baptist Church."  If only we could get more of the mainstream media on board.

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