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    it's time we get real about this.

    It has been my observation that many gun owners feel they need guns to demonstrate how badass they are.  That they are independent Americans.  They sound like little children,"You can't ell me what to do!"  

    Well, find other ways to show off how independent you are.  Take up fencing, or one of the many martial arts.  

    Learn archery.  My 120 pound daughter can bring down a deer with a bow and arrow.  She has been proficient at this for decades before "The Hunger Games" became popular.

    Fight illiteracy.  Help teach reading.

    Get a telescope (they have laser sights now) and learn astronomy.  

    Help train a young dog that will become a companion for a disabled person.

    Plant an organic garden, using your own strength, no roto-tiller.  Learn xeriscaping (it's not nasty) and use native plants.

    Volunteer at a food bank.  Habitat for Humanity still needs workers.


    Gun manufacturers want us to become gun collectors so we can buy more guns.  Seems to me that some grown-ups never got the chance to collect Matchbox cars, and are compensating now.

    Speaking of compensating...

    "The will must be stronger than the skill." M. Ali

    by awhitestl on Sun Jan 20, 2013 at 08:33:28 PM PST

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