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View Diary: Meet the Extraordinary Men Who Kept Me From Becoming a Racist (65 comments)

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  •  it's instructive for you to have shared that (1+ / 0-)
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    because it explains the mentality of many white people especially or moreso over a certain age, and at least some of the resistance and deep hatred of Barack Obama.

    So many were instilled with that same kneejerk "other" reaction that you have. And I know in my bones that must be where the birther 'he's not one of us" stuff comes from. From subconcious as well as concious racism.

    So many on the right I've seen get angry...livid...whenver those on the left point out racism. I think some or even much of it is legitimate (ie not trumped up) anger because they CANNOT SEE THEIR OWN RACISM, unlike yourself. And I will admit me too. These people have subconcious racim but just do not realize it or see it so they think we are lying when we point it out.

    I wasn't raised to think Black people were inferior or better. Though certainly that attitude existed in the society I was born into in the mid-late 60s. I WAS raised though with the "other, not one of us" feelings.

    To this day, if a Black person (a random stranger) does something annoying, inconsiderate or stupid (such as jay walk in front of my car in a dangerous way--the first thing that sometmes flashes into my head is that they are Black.It does not happen with Asian or White people.

    I don't think this conciously. I don't believe it conciously. And I am very comfortable in the local Black community --more than some people I grew up with-nearby and when I know people even a little I dont' feel any racial judgements at all that I am aware of. I've had close friends (Black) that I"ve talked to about this. I feel sad because it just confirms to them how this country is.

    I talk myself down from it. That kind of racism is part of me and I have to conciously manage it. My bet though is that legions of White people over 40 don't kjnow they are racist so don't manage it.

    I wasn't around Black people until high school, wasn't in college and then was when I got out of school. I didn't grow up fighting racism in myself because I didn't know I had any--I didn't encounter Black people I didn't know only my Black friends and I don't feel it with people I kno. Maybe that' s why I never rooted it out while I was young so still have it. It's kind of wierd because I dont' have that knee jerk racist internal split second reaction unless someone does something that directly negatively impacts me (say pushes past me in a rude way). I dont react to public figures that way.

    It's very odd and it HAS to be common. It's interesting my parents told us that all peopl are equal and I know I thought that as a kid but I did absorb the 'other" thing (not one of us) some. I dont' feel the other thing as an adult at all...I feel (maybe due to my inner city location and socioeconomic level) more comfortable sometimes with immigrants and Black people than i do with many White people. But I must have also absorbed a negative view of Black people deep into my subconcious likely from society. I can't believe that MANY white people my age are not the same. I HATE IT when they deny it and deny that so much resistance to Obama is from his race. Those folks in Congress are OLD...average age is probably at least a decade older than I am.

    That Mitch McConnell of Kentucky--a generation older than I am--is not racist seems like a too big stretch of the imagination

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