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    I suspect that the majority of active kossacks are like me, watching, waiting on the sidelines, wanting that light-producing conversation, and shaking their head that it is almost impossible to have with the acrimonious atmosphere that we find ourselves in. Many of us are afraid to add our voices, for fear of being flamed, being insulted, put down. Many of us just don't want to deal with it, many of us are looking for adult conversation and continually are convinced that none is to be found at dailykos pertaining to guns and gun regulation.
    Not only here and not only online in my observation.

    Regardless of their political alignment most people I've tried to talk to about the topic rapidly become difficult to converse with rationally.

    I feel guilty for avoiding the conversations (again, here or with friends or family or wherever) in the interest of preserving relationship status quo but at the expense of possibly finding or bestowing some enlightenment that could be the basis for a stronger relationship and, ultimately, a foundation for safer society.

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