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  •  I dunno. I value ideals myself. The middle (3+ / 0-)
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    88kathy, AZ Sphinx Moth, glorificus

    ground isn't always reasonable. It's what enables the Overton window- the quest for a middle ground- to lock in place, and I think it's been incredibly toxic to American politics.

    It's MLK day, a day that's about committing to ideals even when they're not the easy route. In fact, commitment to ideals is rarely, if ever, the easy route.

    That's why I won't rec this diary, even though I always agree with calls for civility and sensitivity to others. The idea that ideals should not be passionate is a squicky one for me, and I violently dissent with the notion that the middle ground is always the right way to go. There would still be colored drinking fountains if we'd always put the middle ground first. Sometimes taking a stand is really, really important. The pro-gun control diaries had solid data and content; they weren't just fluffy meta and attacks. I didn't wade into the comments, but I really object to the denigration of the diaries themselves. News flash: Dem seats will depend upon how the gun control issue plays out. It isn't a sideline to Dem races; it's going to be a big part of the plot.

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