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  •  Sure it is. It happens to everyone. (1+ / 0-)
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    Every collective has a dominant paradigm.

    The gun issue right now is in flux.

    Some people want the dominant paradigm to be NO GUNS! Period.

    Some people want it to be, Some Guns.

    And some people have want the current laws to not change at all.

    The fight is over orthodoxy and who represents that.

    The problem here is that DKOS wants to attract more people to vote Democratic or for Progressive Policies. But in attracting more people, you run the risk of challenging traditional progressive values.

    If this place wants to be big tent, it has to learn to tolerate some things that might run counter to favored traditional positions.

    If it just wants to embrace the same old same old, then it doesn't.

    Right now, there has been an influx of undecided voters, recently who voted Democrat in the last two Presidential Elections, who might have also leaned in that direction in other smaller elections. But that doesn't mean that these people who used to lean to the right, abandoned their old values and beliefs entirely.

    So the fights like this that erupt are in part over their resistance to the feelings of being pressured to become someone other than who they are.

    Perhaps more specific language could be used. Civility of course is always nice. Acknowledging anger and hurt, often gives people permission to feel what they feel but be more mindful. But also, understand that while there may be an orthodoxy for every political party and ideology--for purists, that in times of flux, those parties might swell temporarily with members who may never fully embrace all the the planks in a platform.

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