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    What was your first car? 64 Valiant -push button transmission
    Should there be nuts in brownies?  ??? Of course
    What about frosting?  Not generally
    If you were being inaugurated, whose bible (or what other book) would you want to be sworn in on?  World Atlas
    Do you like Michelle's bangs?  Honestly no, but I love her so much she can do anything she wants.
    What did you keep in  your high school locker?  I had an American Gothic poster (was the back of a cereal box) on my locker, but it was stolen.  Was thrilled when I got to see the original painting 3 years ago.
    When you travel, do you travel light or heavy? Light
    What scene that you witnessed in your pre-every phone having a camera life do you wish you had been able to capture in a photo?  Very interesting question.  Probably something family related.

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