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  •  Good evening, beautiful morning people! (5+ / 0-)

    I am totally exhausted from my trip to the Inaugural today, mainly due to my own stupidity.  Too tired to explain that now.  Maybe manana.

    Ms. Floja has a seemingly neverending supply of cool questions...

    For starters, what was your first car? Should there be nuts in brownies? What about frosting? If you were being inaugurated, whose bible (or what other book) would you want to be sworn in on? Do you like Michelle's bangs? What did you keep in  your high school locker? When you travel, do you travel light or heavy? What scene that you witnessed in your pre-every phone having a camera life do you wish you had been able to capture in a photo?
    First car, 1960 Rambler station wagon, which I got for free from the folks at my church.

    I thought we already did brownies!  Maybe I spoke too soon!  ;-)  Brownies are good (if they are good) nuts or no nuts, frosting or no frosting.  I don't think frosting ever hurts.

    Perhaps Bertrand Russell's Why I Am Not a Christian.  Well, you'll never see me getting elected, will you?

    I am totally digging on Michelle's hairstyle.

    Books and my coat.  And, once, a science project gone wrong.

    I think I travel kind of light.

    Hmm, can't think of a thing.

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