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  •  In DC - so excited! (9+ / 0-)

    The day after the election my husband said"let's go to the inaugural".  I said I am not going without tickets!  Well,he wrote a letter to Al Frankin and told how his was on of the the provisional ballots and here we are....

    Stupendous, assume aspects so far...  We are staying at the Capital Hilton where they held the National Mayors conference, so a constant feel of anticipation of who one might see in the lobby..  Realized I don't know that many mayors on site but they are a gregarious group and introduce themselves in the elevator... Supposedly Bloomberg was here Friday and John Legend entertained.. But my longest chat was with Sandra Turner of Patterson LA. Charming and smart

    What we have enjoyed most is the city full of black people overjoyed with the election of Barrack H Obama!

    Went to Martin Luther King memorial yesterday. We come here every few years.. And yesterday the sense of ownership and pride was overwhelming in the faces of everyone walking around- my god ... It just emp hazed for us again what a big darn deal it is that he won a second term ... We actually as a country did the right thing..

    I am most thank ful for progress on Health care , but the joy
    This weekend reminded me of the example this set that we are created equal and if we work for it, steps forward can be made...

    Picutures to follow...

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