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View Diary: Oh Noes!!--Phil Mickelson (R-Golf) Might Retire, Citing (Incorrectly) Tax Hikes on Top 1%--Boo-hoo. (302 comments)

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  •  I wonder if this is a good meme for (1+ / 0-)
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    Ian Reifowitz

    the left. I agree that Mickelson's "threat" is bullshit. But ... isn't it a mistake to address an effective tax rate of over 50% as fair? Yes, maybe it IS fair when you consider that taxes fund a nation that  makes it possible to earn so damn much money.
    Yet, I think people from both sides of the aisle feel that there is mind boggling waste in government spending. Pentagon ... give me a break. More than the combined spending of every other nation? Oy!!!
    So, an average low information American who sees that Mickeson has to work till July before the money he makes is his ... is never going to accept that as "okay" as long as they also feel that government is inept.

    Oh well. I've always liked Mickeson since he was a college player in Arizona.  I shall shed some crocodile tears for him and wait and see if he quits this crap. Poor dear boy.

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