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View Diary: Senate Democrats to produce budget seeking new revenue without threat of filibuster (80 comments)

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  •  What many RED STATE Senators would never do... (1+ / 0-)
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    What if the Dems put a bill up that would actually reduce Federal spending, with a few strings?  Did you know that many Red States take in more money, and it's Blue State revenue that pays for the Red States?  For example, New York pays more into the Federal government, and Mississippi takes in more money from the Federal government.  So let's all join in the spending reductions. However, let's have the Federal government make a payment reduction to the Red States to the effect that the income streams would be neutral.  Mississippi pays in x amount of dollars, and they get they same amount back from the Feds (minus a small handling fee, so to speak).  Hardly a damn one of these hypocrites would dare vote for this.  Better yet, make this based on RED CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS, for the House members.

    There is no hell on earth appropriate enough for those who would promote the killing of another person, in the name of a god.

    by HarryParatestis on Mon Jan 21, 2013 at 05:38:58 PM PST

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