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View Diary: Multimillionaire golfer Phil Mickelson sorry for lamenting his mere eight-figure disposable income (199 comments)

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  •  this is another example (5+ / 0-)

    of another one of the 1% thinking that they actually earned their station in life, for a man to think he is being abused because he is asked to pay more in taxes when he is paid to hit a golf ball and makes more in a month than most hard working people do in a lifetime is beyond belief and just proves that mickelson is a despicable selfish thug as are most of the 1%, not all but most.
    of course mickelson believes that he is a chosen one and his gift gives him the right to do nothing to further the direction of america other than to try and make more citizens poorer so he can live a guarded lifestyle while those less fortunate volunteer to protect him and the other 1% while putting their own lives at risk, mickelson is just another example of how america and its priorities have gone off the proverbial cliff and those in society that are compensated lavishly add nothing to americas dream of a secure and safe future.

    instead of thanking his lucky stars for his good fortune he lashes out at a depleted system that if he had his way would throw out many of the 99% onto the street and in his world that would be the thanks they get for all the years of toil they did in their working years.

    to think that i fought for this nation and now i have to listen to scum like mickelson as he proves once again that the 1% are takers and give nothing back in return related to their economic situation, mickelson was born the right color with the right talent but he still is a piece of garbage and no better than the most insignificant homeless person living on the streets of the nation he knows nothing about and could care less.

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