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View Diary: President Obama spells out the Road ahead (3 comments)

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  •  If he acts with conviction (4+ / 0-)

    To back up these words, every conservative mouth-breather in this country will stain their tighty-whities.

    My genuine hope is that there is a run on Chlorox sooner rather than later.

    "Political ends as sad remains will die." - YES 'And You and I' ; -8.88, -9.54

    by US Blues on Mon Jan 21, 2013 at 09:51:43 AM PST

    •  Republicants (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      US Blues

      are truly between a rock and a hard place.

      Do they stay aligned with Grover and Cantor,

      Or do they jump on the Christie bandwagon,

      -- as he continues to call his party out, for their stupidity and hypocrisy?

      Truly a Hobson's dilemma.

      Here's how the game is really Rigged.

      by jamess on Mon Jan 21, 2013 at 10:23:21 AM PST

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