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    Know where your birth control is and use it. Drive less, fly less, use less electricity. Learn to cook low on the food chain, grow some of your own, and waste less.  

    Read this article Can a collapse of global civilization be avoided? to get an idea of the serious actions needed right now. Your flashlight and water barrels may help get you through a few days or weeks, but we're facing permanent, dramatic systems failure.

    The Ehrlichs end their article on a slightly hopeful note, which I share. We are making some progress and we do have the ability to change. But I used to be very active in state-level politics and was often struck by how hard it was to get even my progressive pals to carpool to meetings several hours away. It was just more convenient for everyone to drive themselves. The food inevitably had a bigger-than-needed carbon footprint. This remains true now that my focus is more local. When even our most active citizens won't take five minutes to save gallons of fuel or bring a water bottle instead of drinking Pepsi in styrofoam, then my hope dims that we will use our abilities to avert disaster.

    What is a food system but a multitude of bites? Visit Cook for Good and vote with your fork!

    by Cook for Good on Tue Jan 22, 2013 at 06:48:46 AM PST

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      Cook for Good

      if anything is a clear cut case for government action to the good of each individual, then the climate situation is it.

      all the people in diaroes like this completely correctly lament that the individuals, if left to themselves, will always based on their narrow time and space horizon make the wrong choices - to the ruin of all.

      Thus this is a typical case where government has to step in, and make a collective policy for the people.

      Thats why the WWII analogy is so totally fitting. In WWII it wasnt left to the "entrepreneurial spirit" to see if, when, by who and at what price a tank might be produced to satisfy the war demand. The governemnts (of every country) very directly saw to it that that happened, immediately.

      The climate situation is just like that. Only government is able to make the right decisions, because only at that level can the personal idiosyncrasies and the particluar interests be put aside and the lot of the whole considered. Therefore, this level must act, and if it does not, then we all - every individual or their offspring - are lost. No one´s flashlight will help against a secular drought, just as no man´s hunting rifle in WWII would have won the war against the Nazis.

      That means - not only people have to give up personal comfort in large measure; they really have to, even if they are poor already - but also, people have to give up this individualist illusion that especially Americans seems to suffer under - as if individuals created the world; they destroy it.

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        I completely agree that government action is essential and the situation dire. But the governments are acting too slowly and they can't police everything. That's why we need to take personal responsibility now, to give government and corporations as much runway as possible. We also need to develop a culture committed to these changes.

        What is a food system but a multitude of bites? Visit Cook for Good and vote with your fork!

        by Cook for Good on Wed Jan 23, 2013 at 06:01:23 AM PST

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