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View Diary: 'Mainstreaming' progressive values: President Obama's path to a transformative presidency (142 comments)

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  •  and if this Term in anything.... (0+ / 0-)

    like his last we will be living in hell on earth in four years. For someone who studied the constitution and the rate he's using it for toilet paper he must have studied it so he could dismantle it. Which he does with impunity as the dailykos folks just let him by their absolute love of a man who lies and commits one act of treason after another.

    Democrats (I once was one) have zero integrity and are no different than republicans when it comes to dismantling the constitution. That seems to be one area where bipartisanship truly exists. From drones to secret laws, executive orders, murder, support for Israel - hell I can barely tell the two apart.

    Only thing I wish is you guys would stop your overzealous support for gay marriage and such because I surely DO NOT want you associated with my right to get married. I'd rather it take a bit longer than have a bunch of treasonous 'neoliberals' looking out for my fag ass.

    Thankfully I am leaving this soon to be - hell already police state third world united states of amerika. The two parties have utterly destroyed this once great nation. Obama is by far worse than Bush ever was. And not a single elected official even makes a peep. You all make me sick. Have fun in the new totalitarian fascist corpratacracy you have so eagerly ushered in. Hope all your children are gonna be grateful for the future you have created especially as the world hates this country more and more by the nanosecond.

    Have fun and enjoy!

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