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View Diary: Erick Erickson tries to turn down the crazy ... and fails (182 comments)

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  •  The large majority of their passion is based (1+ / 0-)
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    on lies and exaggerations, though.  Most people on this site who found it during the Bush years were discussing a million plus dead in Iraq based on a lie; spying on citizens; indefinite detention; torture - all very real things that were happening and that our government was doing.

    A mind-blowing number of people on the right have passionately embraced opposition to Obama because they do not accept his birth certificate as proof of citizenship.  They heard someone on Fox say the words "socialist" and "Marxist" in association with Obama or one of his policies and now they are convinced that any minute a red army is going to descend upon them and take all of their guns and give them free healthcare.  They believe that Obama is the evil-doer heading up the War on Christmas.  Even the ones that I know who aren't supposed to be crazy think that there's something to the idea that Hillary Clinton would fake a blood clot in order to avoid testifying about Benghazi.  They're fucking loons.

    The point is that we are talking about totally different kinds of "passion" here - and one of the reasons that the Republicans are more and more losing their following is because the lies and conspiracy theories can really only get them so far before more practical observers just start to lose interest in the weirdness.

    And all of this crazy from the rightwing is one reason that I hope I never hear this President say the phrase, "There are no bad ideas," ever again.  Because there are bad ideas - tons of them - and the GOP is over there hatching them everyday lately.  There was a time when Republicans offered what I believed to be bad ideas, but at least they were workable - the workable solutions from the GOP are a thing of the past.  The invasion of Iraq and the chaos that ensued - the chaos that was apparently completely unanticipated by the Bush Administration - was and is a perfect allegory for most everything they've offered up over the past 20 years.

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