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  •  at the very least it places you in a very (2+ / 0-)
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    uncomfortable position of having to report buddies or immediate superiors. Look at what happened with Hugh Thompson, Jr when he reported the My Lai massacre or what happened to the 3 grunts who tried to protect villagers.

    While your complaint works its way up the chain of command, you continue to work with the very guys you reported.  Very easy to be caught in a crossfire or taken out by an errant grenade.  Patience is short with those who are not "with the program".  It is amazing that anyone reports atrocities as the brass tends to view it as a part of the "cost of doing business" and have little sympathy for those who are "not team players".  There is a culture in the military which even encourages circumstances which lead to "friendly fire" directed at civilians, particularly in asymmetrical situations where every villager or civilian is a potential enemy.

    My father told me a guy who shot a German off a bridge going through Germany.  Problem was it was about a week after Germany surrendered and the German was a policeman directing refugees.  His punishment was  five years in Leavenworth and a dishonorable discharge with loss of benefits but many felt the punishment was too harsh.  Seems the more things change, the more they are the same  

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