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  •  Perhaps I'm a masochist... (12+ / 0-)

    but I just had to put on Sean Hannity at 9:00 last night. And, lo and behold, who was his first guest?

    None other than Mr. I Refuse to Call Ohio himself, Karl Rove.

    They were both sickened/outraged/apopletic over the fact that President Obama mentioned not only gay rights but also climate change.

    Hannity was huffing and puffing over Obama promoting a "liberal" agenda, which got me to thinking.

    Wouldn't an actual conservative be, at the very least, tolerant of what consenting adults do in private? And wouldn't a true conservative understand that gays deserve equal protection under the law?

    And wouldn't a proper conservative be in favor of addressing climate change and oh, I don't know -- what's that word? -- conserving natural resources?

    These aren't liberal causes. These are the correct causes.

    The 21st Century Express has finally embarked on its mission. Haters and clowns, feel free to get off wherever you choose.

    How about I believe in the unlucky ones?

    by BenderRodriguez on Tue Jan 22, 2013 at 03:50:53 PM PST

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