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  •  In the FAQ (9+ / 0-)
    Trusted Users can give comments a rating of Hide. If a comment has been hide-rated by two users and recommended by none, then that comment (and all replies to it) are automatically hidden. If a comment has been recommended at least once, then Hides must be applied to the ratio of 3x+1 (where x is the number of recommends) in order to hide that comment (again, all replies to the comment will also be hidden). Hidden comments and their responses can only be seen by Trusted Users.
    In most cases two HRs are enough to hide the comment. Sometimes groups are organized in such a way to provide cover to troll-ish behavior and uprate each others worst tendencies. I think this is the hole in the system which leads to mass HRs since people can't be sure that their troll-rating will result in actual hiding of the comment. There used to be clear admonitions from FP staff about mass troll-rating being unnecessary, since autoban only takes into account multiple hidden comments. However it should be noted the autoban is one of many proprietary features and the methods are essentially secret.

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