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View Diary: Scarborough: "Republicans got a Minority of Votes in House Races." (28 comments)

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  •  Permanent Republican Majority (0+ / 0-)

    I think too many people thought that Rove was a fool when Obama's victory over McCain seemed to belie his prediction of a permanent Republican majority.  And certainly we laughed out loud when his Super-PAC got pummeled as Obama rollled towards victory #2.

    But gerry-mandering shows that they can get what Rove meant, if we aren't careful, and they play the long game.  Rove's original world was a Texas world, a world where there were enough Hispanics willing to stay with the Republicans that Texas, Florida, and Arizona, with growing populations, made the electoral map increasingly difficult for Democrats.  Look at a 2004 electoral map from the view at the time, and tell how a Democrat wins the presidency if the Republicans could keep Ohio?  Now it seems easy.  

    The gerry-mandering created a difficult to overcome house majority.  So they've already begun working on phase-two, which is redrawing the electoral map to muffle out our advantages in purple states.  We must take back state houses, or we really won't have a shot in the generation to come!

    •  2006 proved that redistricting (0+ / 0-)

      will not protect any party for very long.  The GOP currently has an advantage in state legislatures in some very important states.  We will need to put our efforts into combating their attempts to change the electoral map and additional gerry mandering.  This will be a difficult challenge for Democrats.

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