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View Diary: Is a Progressive Third Party a Viable Option? (94 comments)

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  •  I can't help but refer to this from RedState today (3+ / 0-)
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    Please note that I am not, in any conceivable fashion, equating this diarist or the views in this diary to those in the article at RedState.

    I mention this here to emphasize just one of the reasons why advocating a third party is discouraged here at Daily Kos.

    From a user named "treadstone":

    Back in the 60′s there was a guy by the name of Ted Patrick who was hired by rich families to kidnap kids from flower communes and radical cults and psychologically “deprogram” them. The whole country needs a Ted Patrick… because too many of our people have become so brainwashed, or gullible, that their reality simply ISN’T…it’s something only Hollywood could devise.
    But what I WILL do, from this point on… is go underground and gather and channel money and resources to media outlets that will join with me in devising the new heroes I described above…double agents who, with RIGHT values and a clear understanding of what this Country is meant to be. I will seek to craft a PSYOPS insurgency that acknowledges the mental limitations of the majority of our people and goes after emotions and sensitivities just as the Left has done.
    If you can stomach it, that article is worth a look. Forewarned is forearmed.

    From a purely practical standpoint a third party is an unworkable approach. From an ideological standpoint it makes, in my opinion, even less sense.

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