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View Diary: The simple innovation that could make wind power a big player (230 comments)

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  •  Huh? Welcome to basic electricity 101.... (0+ / 0-)

    and materials science.

    The higher the voltage, the farther the air gap required to keep two adjacent wires from shorting out.... by basically creating LIGHTNING. Additionally you have the magnetic field from the parallel wires carrying current leading to other loss effects. Then you have the material the wire is made out of and the internal losses through self resistance. Etc, etc.

    11 Feet. That is the current magic number, if you get your ass within 11 feet of a transmission line while grounded... POOF.

    Holyshit, do you really think if there was methodologies as simple as what to make the cross arms out of that would yield magic gains in energy transported, the electric companies wouldn't jump at it. That's pure bottomline for them.

    Sure, if you made the towers out of some magic substance that didn't conduct AND was strong enough to hold up the weight, AND held the wires farther apart, you could up the voltage.

    But over the VAST distances of hundreds of miles, the difference is going to be meaningless.

    For wind.... build MORE and BIGGER generation capacity to power through the inefficiency of transmission, after all.... the wind is FREE.

    A BREAKTHROUGH would be an insulating material to put the wire in that would allow higher voltages. Ultimately for many other reasons as well, being able to BURY the super high voltage transmission lines and do away with the overhead lines.... both the big ones and the ones outside your house... would be the preferred route. Less chance of storm or accident disruption of the power, Less vulnerability to Solar activity, even a lower cosmic "footprint" for planet earth, in case anyone is listening. ;P

    I have invented a breakthrough for temporary energy storage that will have a major impact on both power systems level issues and the viability of electric cars. Once the patents are filed I'll be sure to write a diary about it.

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