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  •  in the last part of your post, DarkSyde (0+ / 0-)

    You said you didn't know what your gym-time could be like when you finished rehab.

    My experience: 5 (count 'em, five) stents in coronary arteries, each with more than 95% blockage--my pre-attack prognosis sounds a lot like yours.  Widow-maker avoided as well by numerous capillaries shouldering the load (until they couldn't anymore). Although it was touch and go.

    Afterward, I went through what a lot of people experience: a kind of post-MI depression, where I resigned myself to just waiting to drop dead, since that was what was plainly in my cards.
    Then, after almost a year, I thought: I should at least go out fighting.  Why not be in the best shape I can be?  That way, if I do go out, at least I will not have failed to give myself the best shot at longer life I could have.

    So I went out and got P90x.  (Yeah, I know.  Goddamn Paul Ryan.  But I wanted the hardest thing I could find.) For someone in his late fifties, it was not anywehre close to easy.  But I kept pushing play.

    Two years on, I'm in the best shape ever, even going back to when I was a high-school 200 IM swim record-holder.  My cholesterol is in the green area, I weigh 25 lbs less than I did, and I can do 20 chinups without struggle.

    Doc said I'm gonna live forever again.

    So I say go as hard as you can, when you get off rehab.  Give yourself the best chance you can.  We kind of need you around here, in case you hadn't noticed.

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