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    Aquarius40, shoeless

    I think this may be a shifting point in American politics; one scholars look back on decades form now as a fundamentla transition in the legislative process.

    The salary thing is a red herring. The real story is that congressional Republians have given up on the Hassert Rule and now appear ready to allow Democrats and moderate Republicans to draft the budget. That's a big deal.

    If I'm reading this correctly, it's almost as if we've encountered the first formal acknowledgment that we're living in a center-left country. Republicans are done threatening the crash of the economy and have developed a mechanism through which they can allow Democrats to control the legislative process, eventhough they are actually the majority party in the House.

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        Many of the Republican reps from uber-red districts are in a tight spot. Their consitituencies elected them to kill the federal government. They feel like they can't vote for any compromise measures or they will be primaried. The thing is, even these politicians recognize that the times call for a robust federal government and that crashing the economy is not a viable option. Never mind the fact that they are inherently at a weaker position because this house is a product of geremandering and not popularity.

        So what do they do? Cede the legislative process to the Democrats so they can pass the legislation needed to keep the country running. They're still free to vote against everything to their heart's desire -- they're votes just don't really matter. We saw this exact thing in the financial cliff negotiations, where the ultimate resolution was dictated by the democrats in the House and Senate.

        Redstate Republican reps live to fight another day because they can point to their voting records against any primary challenge. The economy doesn't get it's legs chopped off.

        Win, win, win. This looks like the new norm, right? What am I missing.

        •  Why did we give up so much in the financial cliff (0+ / 0-)

          negotiations if we had all the cards?  That's my issue...we have all the cards and are "running the show" and yet give up so much.  We were told it would never go above $250,000 and yet it did.

          Hell, SS was even put on the table by our side...Thank God it went no further than that.  However, the point is that our side made the offer and had zero reason to do so.

           So I just don't see how kicking the can a few months will an ultimatum to budget or we won't raise it again as a fold on their part. Not when we have a history of doing basically giving them most of what they ask for, even if we have the mandate and they have none.

    •  That's fine, but it's just an opinion. (0+ / 0-)

      There's no proof that they have given up the Hassert Rule. Quite the contrary. They're excluding Dems fom this vote! Do you honestly think House Dems wil or shouldl vote to support the bill as is, with the inclusion of that "or else" rider?

      Until I see the Bonehead sitting down to deal with the Minority Leader, the Hassert Rule isn't dead. And the Senate should refuse to pass anything that doesen't include a substantial number of Democratic House votes. They need to back Nancy's play.

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