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  •  Although you might call them both Baby Boomers (3+ / 0-)
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    I see--and feel--a clear difference between early Boomers like the Clintons, and late Boomers, like Obama (and me).  Early Boomers experienced a Cold War that was markedly less stable than the one experienced by late boomers growing up.  They also lived in an America that was still indisputably improving.  By the time late Boomers reached adulthood, economic stagnation and lowering expectations for the middle class were facts of life.  I also think it's fair to say that early Boomers had the good fortune to grow up in a society that was improving socially, however painful the process.  We late Boomers got the religious right and the full force of social and economic reaction.

    That difference, geo-strategic instability tempered by the promise of economic and social improvement vs. relative geo-strategic stability accompanied by plunging expectations and the rightist retrenchment, amount to a full generational difference despite the presence of both generations in one demographic bulge.

    How's that?

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