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View Diary: Huge: SCOTUS upholds EPA efforts to regulate greenhouse gases (131 comments)

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    In fact, it's not even gaseous at room temperature. It enters the atmosphere as an aerosol, and it's primary climatological effect is to cool the planet (through enhanced refection of sunlight), not to warm it.
    Sulfur dioxide is a gas a room temperature.

    Sulfur dioxide emissions from combustion process
    stacks as gases when they are released.   Also released in the same combustion gas stream are H2SO4 acid aerosals at about 1-3% of the SO2 gaseious mass emission rate.

    A high proportion of the sulfur dioxide gas released to the atmosphere (as a gas from combustion stacks) is subject to later aerosolization through atmospheric chemical transformation (including oxidation and action by ambient ozone) that occurs over 100's of miles from a source after the gas release.

    Your last statement about atmospheric aerosals increasing the earth's albedo is absolutely correct.

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      Or is that the stuff that makes the sky orange near the horizon when there's a high pressure system in a smoggy city?

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      by bobinson on Tue Jan 22, 2013 at 03:14:05 PM PST

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