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  •  Wisconsin has at least 2 octagon houses (1+ / 0-)
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    If you say "Octagon House" in southern Wisconsin, people will think you're referring to the Octagon House in Watertown, WI - a small city just north of I-94 halfway between Madison and Milwaukee.  It was built as part of the octagon house movement of the time.

    The house has been preserved as a museum. It sits on a beautiful wooded, sloping site that goes down to the Rock River (IIRC), the site being in a residential part of town, not a stand-alone site with dusty parking lot as many historical buildings are. It's a five story building made of cream-colored brick. It has a wood furnace in the basement large enough to handle logs 6 or 8 feet in length. There is a space between the inside and outside walls with vents (openable/closeable) at the top and bottom for natural convective cooling in the summer, and a cantilevered spiral staircase up the center to a cupola.

    In hot, humid Wisconsin summer weather, a single fan in the cupola plus the convective cooling is enough to keep it comfortable inside the house. It also does collect rainwater from the metal roof and had an upper story tank to hold rainwater, so it had running water long before it was available generally. The house pre-dates the Civil War.

    There's also an octagon house in Milton, WI (small town near Janesville). IIRC it wasn't very well maintained or open for tours. It was a wood frame building, I think, and it's claim to fame was as a stop on the underground railroad before the Civil War. Milton is actually due south of Watertown maybe 30-40 miles on Hwy 26.

    Wisconsin also has a number of round barns, most north of Milwaukee.

    Modern revolutions have succeeded because of solidarity, not force.

    by badger on Sun Feb 17, 2013 at 09:47:59 AM PST

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