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View Diary: Data Grab? Experian now controls web access to Social Security Admin (322 comments)

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  •  The personal, private info ("PPI") business... (16+ / 0-)

    ...realities are, actually, a huge oxymoron. Very simply, NOTHING IS "PERSONAL" OR "PRIVATE" THESE DAYS. PERIOD! (NOTE: I'm very much in this business. And, for a variety of reasons, the truth is, it's grossly underregulated, and it has been for a long time.) Anyone, from an employer, to a lawyer to a private detective (depending upon the state) may access virtually everything there is to know about you, and roughly half the time (and this is being very conservative), there's significantly inaccurate information in those files, to boot.

    On top of that, with everyone posting their life's story and "deep thoughts" online these days, external databases, covered by very little law (which hasn't caught up the technology, as has been the case, all along; and, even when it does attempt to catch up with the technology, occasionally, it's very poorly implemented--re: just look at Experian, Equifax and Trans Union, as primary examples of this greater truth) are providing far greater dimensions via public-private info databases.

    This is growing by leaps and bounds, down to day-to-day activities, like what discerning what type of driver you are--since insurance co's are now placing monitoring devices in cars, following every mile of your travels, how often you exceed the speed limit, and so forth. (Progressive Insurance, State Farm and many others are now touting this, and offering initial "discounts" to entice the public to participate in this Orwellian travesty; because E-Z Pass simply isn't intrusive enough!)

    On top of this, large lenders, insurance co's and other firms are now testing a variety "data-related technologies," most of which are even more intrusive and in CLEAR violation of existing laws--from facial recognition in retail environments, i.e.: walk into a store, and they'll know everything about you in a split-second; large lenders are pulling your files from their massive databases without your knowledge, giving conditional credit approvals on the spot in real-time, etc., etc., without even having your authorization to do that.

    Here's another:  health insurance companies are in R&D mode on analyzing your genealogical disposition for disease/illness. This isn't discussed outside of secure corporate environments; but it IS happening, based upon firsthand reports I've received within the industry. It's all "proprietary," and it's not being deployed (perhaps, because it's illegal..go figure!) in the marketplace, today. (Think of the movie: "Gattica.")

    One more thing/reiterating, everything/much of what I'm stating, above, is not completely based upon publicly-available info, but (in some instances) upon my FIRSTHAND, personal/professional observations and knowledge. (I have done some blogging about this, generally speaking, in the past. I expect that I'll be doing more, going forward. I could name the large, well-known firms involved here--even the names of the folks/employees/contractors at those firms actually DOING this work--but it's not appropriate for a comment in a blog; and I really don't want to have my ass sued to the max, thankyouverymuch!)

    In summation, if there's significant money to be made deploying data technology -- without any respect whatsoever as far as its legality is concerned -- you can bet your ass it's, at the very least, being tested behind closed doors in corporate America, these days!

    And, based upon (again) FIRSTHAND/COMPLETELY FACTUAL knowledge, that's the way it is on January 23rd, 2013.

    "I always thought if you worked hard enough and tried hard enough, things would work out. I was wrong." --Katharine Graham

    by bobswern on Wed Jan 23, 2013 at 08:32:57 AM PST

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