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View Diary: Data Grab? Experian now controls web access to Social Security Admin (322 comments)

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    I agree there are too many verification fuckups at this stage, and clearly it will have to get better. The one fuckup that is not happening is that SSA is not giving any access to your social security records to Experian.

    SSA was spending $70 million a year mailing out 160 million or so Social Security Statements every year. About 30 million of the 160 million went into the trash because of bad address (including foreign addresses). That's not a small fuckup.

    Delivering those statements online to at least some people could be a big savings. More  important there are a whole host of services SSA provides in-person (read rather expensively) that they could save money on if they could deliver them on-line. Do you know how many millions of people come into their offices each year to replace a lost Social Security card?

    Experian is involved in getting you online the first time. Their involvment ends after that. So SSA is trading the relatively small cost of that authentication process (even with the second or third tries it is something like 20 cents a person--I can't remember) with the many hundreds of millions they will save every year over the future if they can gets the services online and running.

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