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View Diary: Hillary Clinton on Capitol Hill today to testify on Benghazi attack (128 comments)

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  •  Benghazi vs Newtown Response (6+ / 0-)

    3 diplomats lost their life in a terrible incident.  So far there have been several congressional hearings, and a couple of State Department reviews and firings.  

    In fact, Libya is one of the most dangerous places on earth.  State may have missed something or the diplomat may have misjudged but there has been an inordinate amount of interest and desire to place blame.  It's probably wrong to think that Mrs. Clinton (with 200 or so Embassies overseas)  had detailed knowledge of the CIA's activities there or the daily movements and security arrangements and concerns, except in a general and non-specific way. In fact the CIA often doesn't reveal their daily activities to anyone, even the Ambassador on site.  

    In Newtown 26 innocents were slaughtered in a "safe" environment.  The President has done what he can though his initiatives--and been criticized by our rightist gun zealots. Where's congress?  No investigations or hearings.  Aside from appropriate horror at the event,  republicans are AWOL.    How about congressional and independent investigations of gun violence and the several hundred further injuries and deaths from gun violence in the little over a month since Newtown.  To say nothing of the thousands injured and dying each year.

    I know congress is political but it also is cowardly.

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