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View Diary: A Republican explains what's wrong with the Republican party in just 14 words (137 comments)

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    Lucy Montrose, Janet 707

    "The public is not behind us, and that’s a real problem for our party."

    And just WHY is it "a real problem" for your party?  Don't you Republicans even have enough smarts to get a clue?

    I had considered the possibility of voting for the Republican candidate for president.  And then you Republican nitwits did two VERY stupid things that pushed me into the arms of Obama.  First, you chose Paul Ryan to be Romney's Veep.  Then Romney's "47%" video came out.  You Republican morons need to learn that you can't throw half of the country under the bus and expect "we the people" to get behind you.  What is so hard to understand about that?  Why are you Republicans incapable of grasping even these simple points?

    I watched the second presidential debate and while you Republicans were stewing over "Benghazi," Obama was talking about maintaining and strengthening the safety net and improving the economy.  Now I for one don't give a tinker's damn about "Benghazi," but I DO care about the economy, and I as a senior citizen sure as heck fire DO give a damn about the safety net!  Romney's lack of concern about the 47% was only one of the items that steeled my resolve to vote for Obama.

    Do you Republicans REALLY want us ordinary Joe Blows to get behind you?  Then how about you giving us a reason to do so by getting behind us?

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