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View Diary: If Republicans Obstruct Again They Do So At Great Peril (68 comments)

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  •  Uh, no.. not sure what lists you are looking at, (1+ / 0-)
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    but the budget is quite high on the list of American's concerns.

    Debt, Gov't Dysfunction Rise to Top of Americans' Issue List

    January 14, 2013
    Debt, Gov't Dysfunction Rise to Top of Americans' Issue List
    Fewer Americans now cite unemployment as most important problem

    PRINCETON, NJ -- Americans' concerns about the federal budget deficit and government dysfunction rose high enough in January to knock unemployment out of the top two slots on Gallup's "most important problem" list for the first time since 2009.

    The poll finds 20% of Americans mentioning the federal budget deficit as the top problem, compared with 18% mentioning dissatisfaction with some aspect of government or government leaders, and 16% naming jobs or unemployment.
    If you only get your news from dKos, I'm sure this surprises you.

    And as far as unemployment goes, yes, 12 million is the official number.  But all the people who have stopped looking make up the other 8 million or so.. and that's the only reason the UE rate is 7.8%.

    •  but I guess you will say (0+ / 0-)

      that it's Gallup, so it's a "right wing talking point"..  

    •  The Federal Defiicit is now the Right's core issue (4+ / 0-)
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      Lava20, a2nite, DianeNYS, offgrid

      It is virtually their basis of unity. Even tax cutting has lost some luster for them in comparison. I am not at all surprised that 20% of Americans view it as a top concern. 47% of Americans voted for Mitt Romney.

    •  Remember "Deficits-don't-matter-Cheney"? (3+ / 0-)
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      ontario, Bon Temps, Tom Rinaldo

      Americans weren't concerned about deficits until they were told to be by the GOP. They certainly weren't concerned when the GOP let two unpaid for wars go on during their watch.

      They weren't concerned enough when the FBI caseloads of mortgage fraud increased 5 fold 2001-2004.

      Americans weren't told to be concerned when they were fed the long standing claims by Greenspan that free markets let to more stable economies and long-term prosperity. Most of them do not read books by Nobel Prize winning economists like Joseph Stiglitz or Paul Krugman.

      No, we weren't concerned because we had faith that government actually cared about these things and would not leave us to default on our loans.

      Well,its a new day and we do care. Obama must care too because under his watch the creation of a Consumer Finance Protection Agency was created to avoid the deception to homeowners by mortgage brokers. Or did the Republicans do it behind his back?

      I think Americans also learned there is no magic pixie dust to get us out of the fix we are in. There is just a lot of hard work by sincere legislators to be done. Unfortunately,  there are more than a few frauds in the bunch. It will take time to get things right again.

      •  Agree it will take some time.. (0+ / 0-)

        And I couldn't agree more that we relied on government to have our backs, when all along both parties were stabbing us in the back rather than protecting us.

        But this American has always been concerned about deficits.  I understand the need to deficit spend in a crisis, but two wars should have been paid for up front.  And so should a lot of what we are spending on now.

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