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View Diary: The Moral Realities of Self Defense Shootings (238 comments)

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  •  I think statistically you are wrong here (2+ / 0-)
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    Joieau, splashy
    Basing that on the history of humanity, which is far more rife with violence and murder - and mass murder on ridiculous scales - than it is with peace, love and Kumbaya.
    •  On a 1:1 numerical (3+ / 0-)
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      gerrilea, JosephK74, fisheye

      level you're right - always more sheep than wolves. But from all I've seen of life and death on planet earth, war is endemic, always going on somewhere whether we pay attention to it or not. Worse, it doesn't take much to turn supposedly civilized people who used to be friendly (or at least tolerant) neighbors into genocidal maniacs (i.e., Bosnia, Rwanda, etc.). Even here in the U.S. people kill each other on a regular basis. "Not that many" compared to the total population, but it's still a considerable issue to a majority of the larger population.

      "Not that many" doesn't absolve our species of its apparently inherent homicidal tendencies. Wolves do way more damage to sheep than sheep ever do to wolves, hence a smaller number of wolves doesn't mean the flock is safe. That's why there's [an even smaller number of] sheepdogs.

      •  I have a hard time reconciling (1+ / 0-)
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        your metaphor of sheep and wolves with the wolves being the baseline for 'humanity'.

        The tendency of humanity is clearly not to eat each other although that does happen.

        If it didn't take much, then it would happen more often and more widespread.

        For instance gun violence in America involves .003% of the population. While it's a serious problem, and violence is a constant by varying degrees across the globe and eras,  to characterize humanity the way you are is to dismiss over 99% of the people.

        It's one thing to call a glass half full that's half empty. It's another to call it half full when there's a drop in the bottom.

        •  Actually, I borrowed the analogy (1+ / 0-)
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          from commenter BlackSheep1. And no, it's not perfectly apropos, but it does speak to roles. Adam Lanza was 1 man in a state with a lot of men - one singular actor amongst lots of sheep and enough sheepdogs to have made short work if he hadn't chosen the cote lambs for his meal. That has led to an urgent 'dialogue' about gun control in a nation of 300+ million. Obviously, we alive today do consider wolves to be a serious issue despite their rarity.

          Merely observing that humanity harbors an innate - and strangely 'unnatural' if one considered natural distributions amongst other species we share the planet with to apply - tendency toward killing each other. Most live their lives without managing to act it out, but enough do for us to at least recognize the trait. It would be nice if we could overcome it, but I doubt it will happen in my lifetime. Perhaps someday we will.

    •  I just finished reading the book "Poland" (1+ / 0-)
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      by James Michner.

      Do you have any idea how many times that one small area of Europe was invaded, and how the people were treated?

      That history is not at all unique.

      Rule-by-force (and ownership of property by the same rule) was the norm until very recently, historically speaking.

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