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View Diary: The Moral Realities of Self Defense Shootings (238 comments)

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  •  Years ago, I saw a "shoot/don't shoot on TV-it was (3+ / 0-)
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    gerrilea, A Citizen, Ginny in CO

    part of a training program by some local police department and was presented to their civilian review board.

    I took the test and passed it--sort of--the only time I failed was when I should have shot and didn't. I would have been dead after that.  (But at least I wouldn't have harmed an innocent.)

    Interestingly, the city folk who had criticized their local police mostly failed the test.  They often "shot" the suspect when they shouldn't have. "It was dark" some of them said, And the police replied, "we are often in dark situations."

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    by Mayfly on Wed Jan 23, 2013 at 05:41:46 PM PST

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