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View Diary: The Moral Realities of Self Defense Shootings (238 comments)

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  •  Actually, I borrowed the analogy (1+ / 0-)
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    from commenter BlackSheep1. And no, it's not perfectly apropos, but it does speak to roles. Adam Lanza was 1 man in a state with a lot of men - one singular actor amongst lots of sheep and enough sheepdogs to have made short work if he hadn't chosen the cote lambs for his meal. That has led to an urgent 'dialogue' about gun control in a nation of 300+ million. Obviously, we alive today do consider wolves to be a serious issue despite their rarity.

    Merely observing that humanity harbors an innate - and strangely 'unnatural' if one considered natural distributions amongst other species we share the planet with to apply - tendency toward killing each other. Most live their lives without managing to act it out, but enough do for us to at least recognize the trait. It would be nice if we could overcome it, but I doubt it will happen in my lifetime. Perhaps someday we will.

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