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View Diary: The clear way forward on filibuster reform: The constitutional option (105 comments)

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  •  I Disagree.....The Filibuster Can Be Useful If.... (6+ / 0-) is not abused.

    The filibuster, at it's best, could give any single Senator the ability to hit the red switch halting the sausage making assembly line.

    Obviously, the Republicans have MASSIVELY abused and corrupted the we now MUST reform it so that no one can simply/anonymously kill legislation.   The status quo is insanely stupid and undemocratic.

    If Reid submits to some kind of milquetoast "compromise" that gets Republican votes, he will have been had.

    We need robust filibuster reform now.  If the status quo remains in place....the Senate may as well just hang it up and go home as we'll just get four more years of the same bs and the public will continue to blame both parties.


    •  Why on Earth should 1 Senator (0+ / 0-)

      Be able to stop the business of 99 others?  

      Sure, the filibuster could be useful if it weren't abused.  And if men were angels, we wouldn't need any laws.  

      But in the world we live in, everything liberal is filibuster, and the PATRIOT act wasn't.  

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