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View Diary: Louisiana Gov. Jindal cuts hospice care out of Medicaid (209 comments)

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    I suppose that nothing should amaze me anymore when it comes to these assholes, but this truly does. (Warning: rant commencing; you might want to give the little ones something to do).
    Who the bright purple flying fuck does Jindal think he is? To cut hospice care out of Medicaid makes him less than a human being--it makes him lower than the goose-shit that dried on the bottom of my left shoe. I can't believe that this asshole has the nerve to call himself pro-life; he's only pro-life for fetuses and corporations. As far as anyone else goes, they might as well be pond scum. That screams to me of his incredibly fucked-up values, and his willingness to stop at nothing to hold political power. I am beyond disgusted at his inhumanity, and for what? Three fucking million dollars per year? That's nothing if it means that the poor can die with some sort of dignity, unless, oh, that's right, they're POOR, so in the Republiscum mindset, they don't deserve to die with dignity. Oh, silly me, I must have forgotten that. Where the hell is the humanity in all of this? It sure as Hell is not in Bobby Jindal. (Rant concluded).  

    -6.75,-5.51..."Governments can and must be questioned". --David Dark Pray for #Occupy!

    by alliehope on Wed Jan 23, 2013 at 03:09:57 PM PST

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