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View Diary: An oft-ignored lesson of 2012: The case for appeasing the base (145 comments)

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  •  Enthusiasm flows outward from the base (22+ / 0-)

    This makes sense. The idea that pissing on and betraying your base will somehow make you more attractive to other voters less invested in your party has always eluded me.

    That being said, this post doesn't deal with a key question and problem regarding the relationship between the Democratic Party and its base: delivering on its promises. Say one thing for the GOP: They run on crazy and are willing to move heaven and earth once in office to try and deliver on crazy.

    The Democrats run on sanity and change and other good things and then too often get into office and start whining and backpedaling and betraying core promises--even when those betrayals arguably weaken their future ability to win elections. Case in point: the Employee Free Choice Act, which would have had the salutary effect--both on the economic justice and political levels--of strengthening unions. Once the 2008 election was over, this key measure--necessary to the survival of the essential component of the Democratic coalition--fell by the wayside as a priority.

    As a related note, it should be acknowledged on this site how important the role of the Occupy movement was in making this a base election on Democratic turf. To take just one example, Mitt Romney's "47%" remarks would not have resonated nearly as deeply if not for the "99%" meme propagated by Occupy. I would argue that without Occupy making issues of economic justice and inequality so prominent, the Democrats would not have run nearly so well as they did. But do the Party honchos recognize that and will they act accordingly? I wouldn't hold one's breath.

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      That in some way they do. Only thing is, I don't think the 99% is a meme. .  .it is more of a framing that suddenly clarifies a lot of obfuscation that the Repubs and their rich paymasters would like hidden

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