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View Diary: Reid about to cave on filibuster reform (254 comments)

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    in our hearts of hearts.  The TEABAGGERS know this; that's why they're so crazy that they've destroyed the Republican party.  BOTH MAINSTREAM PARTIES are part of the problem.  BOTH MAINSTREAM PARTIES serve the Masters Of The Universe and pant like puppies to become part of their social scene.  Thirty years of Republican rule has cemented the power of Wall Street and a few large industrial and extraction corporations over the 99% of mere "citizens".  We are neutralized and politically castrated.

    The question is, what do we do about it?  We've tried working within the system, and we've tried fighting it.  Neither has been very successful.  The one method I've seen that does seem to have some success is ignoring them.  Working outside the System, developing alternative channels of trade, interpersonal economics, and strong human relations.  Minimizing consumption of corporate provender, and thus the need for bank-controlled currency or debt.  Accepting a good natural lifespan and rejecting excessive medical interventions and with them subordination to the corporate-dominated and currency-siphoning Official Medical System.  Making the dominance of the 1% irrelevant, by making the things that they dominate irrelevant.

    But I have to admit, freedom is relative.  We cannot get entirely free of them until we have completely undercut their foundations, and we can't do that overnight.  This is a very long haul, and in the interim, perhaps conventional politics can occasionally make things a Little Less Bad.  But as we see with the new wrinkle on filibuster, gains are likely to be exceedingly small.

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