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    The Fast and the Furious thing is pretty weak sauce compared to the rest, yet it's what will be focused on, because the Republican power structure has an even harder time touching the other stuff without getting mud on themselves than they do with this.  Plus, they're tied up far more deeply in it.  You can trash a "gun-walking" program without simultaneously attacking everything you hold dear (both verbally and in reality) -- Wall Street, not so much.  I don't expect the media to pick up the slack.

    Obama's appointments have and continue to be probably my biggest gripe with him.  (Not all, some have been good.)  I'm not surprised by it exactly* -- I never expected him to wiggle free of security state/Wall Street influence when no other president in my memory has done it either -- but it's still upsetting.

    * Great description in the book The Wrecking Crew describing Clinton getting sat down by the very serious people in the power elite shortly after his first election and being told How Things Are.  It's not just Obama, it's everybody.

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