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    The Magus

    ...again. I feel swindled, i put my name to something that never had a chance.

    this does nothing to stop the unprecedented obstruction of the GOP, at the very least there should be a talking filibuster.

    there should be more up and down votes like there ALWAYS has been, with discretion for what bills are important enough to warrant holding up a vote by talking.

    Imagine if this had been in the 1960's, the civil rights act would have never seen the light of day becuase an obstructionist would have simply whispered that they didn't want to vote on the bill and that would have been sufficient.

    I've removed myself from the newsletter that gets these petition signings because that was just dastardly how Reid was

    1) offering a lame compromise with mcconnel

    2) offering to go through with a lame alternative if mcconnel rejected it.

    It was lose-lose from the start, but I had such a long and bad work day yesterday that I simply trusted people at DailyKos to fight it properly and put it in perspective, but I was wrong.

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