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    Obviously this is an impressive man writing on an impressive subject. I am however unimpressed. Basically, we are supposed to be comforted in the notion that some rather minor tweaking of the filibuster took place. We are to take comfort in knowing that the vast majority of American voters were actually able to stick their nose in one of the "most insider-y of insider games." As the majority we are being told just wait perhaps next time we will get even more of what we want. Has the author took in to account that if the Senate remains dysfunctional as most likely it will democrats who had the chance to make some serious changes will be held accountable.. And by being held accountable are likely to lose the Senate. I for one will hold my own party accountable if Republicans obstruct the way they did last congress. I will pull out the old cliché saying "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me." Harry sated he was fooled several times on the floor, and  subsequently promised major changes several times. It is likely Republican will fool him again…Nothing in these rule changes can be considered significant and the fact that the UN, I mean Senate actually tweaked some of the major rules leaves me unimpressed.......

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