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View Diary: Four reasons to feel proud of, and excited by, the filibuster reform fight (274 comments)

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  •  The coalition of activists (9+ / 0-)

    The Fix the Senate Now coalition should not let this go with mildly negative statements or talk about silver linings.  They should be loudly calling for his resignation as majority leader.

    He might have been an enemy of Obama at one time but I don't believe he is now. The White House gets their legislative work done through the Senate.  The Senate, unconstitutionally IMHO, initiates all the major bills taking direction from the White House, using their substitution method.  

    This is going to make it impossible to get any kind of liberal or progressive legislation through Congress.  But Obama is a big fan of bipartisan legislation anyway, so I don't see how this will be that big a deal to him.  But if Obama really does want to get some of the important kinds of bills through Congress that he has talked about, yes, Harry Reid just sabotaged that with the help of some other status quo Senators who are too cowardly to admit that they did it and are instead beating up on their fellow caucus member, Merkley.

    "Justice is a commodity"

    by joanneleon on Thu Jan 24, 2013 at 05:08:52 PM PST

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