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View Diary: Why is Mitch McConnell so happy? No consequences for unprecedented GOP obstructionism. None. (224 comments)

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    mrblifil, NoMoreLies

    That this wasn't the plan all along? If it happens once or twice, disappointment is understandable. But when things like this happen pretty much all the time, you have to at least consider the possibility that the Republicans and Democrats are in fact working together. Consider the ACA. In the run up to the vote, there were all these members of Congress pledging to vote no if there were no public option, that includes pretty much all of the Progressive Caucus. Yet when it came time to vote, they all voted yes. Congress doesn't work for the people, hasn't for a long time.

    For proof, look to all the really vile shit. The Patriot Act, the Iraq War, all those FISA votes. Any time there's a chance to fuck with the American people, they take it. Any time there's a chance to hand over huge sums of money and power to Wall Street, they jump on it. Eventually we just have to realize that they don't give a fuck what we think.

    You need a license to drive, a license to run a business, but any idiot can buy a gun.

    by Hannibal on Fri Jan 25, 2013 at 07:20:06 AM PST

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