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View Diary: Awesome: High school senior comes out at school assembly, receives standing ovation (83 comments)

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    Last summer, I worked for my university's TRiO program and was in charge of helping students prepare for a research symposium. On the last day before the symposium, we put everybody in an auditorium (including a few administrators), and the kids rehearsed their presentations.

    One group had a LBTQ-related topic, but apparently none of them had first-hand experience. So during the questions and critique phase of the rehearsal, a gay student raised his hand and contributed his first-hand input. Except for his closest friends, no one in the Educational Talent Search group had had any idea he was gay.

    While the students didn't bat an eyelash, the administrators were impressed that the kids had become that comfortable with each other. In fact, when the brand-new head administrator wrote his report about the project, the "confession" was prominently featured in it.

    As an added "btw," this took place in South Texas, and the gay young man was one of three white students in a group of 125.

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    by MaikeH on Fri Jan 25, 2013 at 07:32:14 AM PST

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