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    I wrote the following about white tail deer near the Ozark farm I grew up on. They are commonly sighted now, though as a 1950s kid, I never saw one. There's more cover for them now, as farms are left idle, and farmers have no "down time" in which to clear brush.

    Small farms are carved here and there around the oaks. Pale green squares in a greener checkerboard. Raymond is my childhood friend, the next checker move east. He and I continue to learn from our growing up there. Maybe we are still growing up, as we were when racing to the house for those wonderful threshing crew meals. Both of us racing toward 70 now. “I took the old barbed wire fence down near the Charlie Goode place”, Raymond reports, on my last visit.
     “It was rusted and rotten, and I don’t got no cows any more. But you know, it was the damnedest thing. About six o’ clock, I was brush hogging there, and here came the deer. They know me. But the tractor noise scared’em, so they ran off the hill.  And up they jump, right over that fence.
    Only, the fence was gone, three weeks already"
    He laughed, the leaping deer rerunning in his mind.  

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