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  •  I had the same experience with my beloved lab Lou (1+ / 0-)
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    and a doe - he inadvertently got too close to her newborn fawns, twins.  She came out of nowhere - edge of the woods really, and thundered after him, hot on his tail, with clear murderous intent.  He ran straight for me.  I turned tail and ran iinto my vegetable garden, Lou galloping in after me (tearing through my carrot bed) and I slammed the wooden gate shut - a second before the doe tried to tear in after us.  Lou meant no harm, but the doe had just given birth, as I later discovered.  She was scary as hell.  I calmly spoke to her, and tried to calm her down, and she moved off 30 paces, huffing, and watching us balefully.  Poor Lou.  I got him tied with my belt and led him back along a path to my house.  I carried a shovel for protection for us both, trying to show her I had him under control, and we meant no harm.  My knees were knocking.  Poor Lou was completely demoralized.  It was an amazing experience.  Later that fall, she and twins would come into my yard for windfall apples.  That winter was very tough, ice storm after ice storm, and they browsed under my bird feeders.  I started putting out some hay and grain for them - but that's another story, and let me say, not a good idea at all.  It messes with everything, and long story short, by the end of the winter, I had 20 deer in my yard.  The doe and her twins were regulars around my garden for years.  I always treasured seeing them.  I never encouraged them to come close, but the female twin would have come right up to me if I'd encouraged it.  The male twin was more standoffish - as well he should have been.  It's his picture that I use as my profile pic here.  He was outside my window, nibbling bird seed that had fallen from the feeders, looking in to see us nestled inside with books and tea.

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