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  •  We're all being played (6+ / 0-)

    The Democratic Party pretends to be for the things that their base wants but they never deliever because for some reason they are always stopped by those nasty Republicans which was quite a trick to manage back when they had all 3 branches and a Super Majority in the Senate. On a similar note the Republican Party pretends to be for all of the things that their base wants but somehow they are always thwarted by those dastardly Democrats even when they had complete control of all three branches for years.

    It is all one big game to both parties. Sure there are true believers  but the system makes sure they never get anywhere which was the Democrats end up with Reid in the Senate and the Republicans get Boehner in the House neither of whom represents the Center of what their party stands for. At the end of the day the Corporatist always wins.

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